Simon blew the room away.”

- Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation

Talks that wake leaders up to who they need to be, so they can become unstoppable.

Member of the Order of Canada

One of Canada’s highest civilian honors

Canada’s Humanitarian of the Year

Awarded for his advocacy by the David Foster Foundation

USA’s Most Courageous Athlete

Awarded three years to the day after his first heart transplant

3x Hall of Fame Inductee

UNLV, Southern Nevada, and Greater Victoria Sports Halls of Fame

#1 Overall Draft Pick

Drafted into the Major Indoor Soccer League three years post-surgery

Whitehouse Keynote Speaker

At the White House’s inaugural Organ Donation Summit

Simon Keith shows audiences they have what it takes to go after every one of their goals and win, win, win in business — no matter the circumstances.

He is living proof of what happens when you combine RELENTLESS determination with the heart of a champion to achieve real results.

After making an unprecedented comeback as the first athlete in the world to play a professional sport after a heart transplant, Simon became a serial entrepreneur—leading multi-million dollar turnarounds at five consecutive companies.

His deliberate and methodical approach unleashes leaders, teams, and enterprises to transcend ordinary limits, so they can do what’s never been done before.

Achieving uncommon levels of success isn’t something everyone aspires to.

But, for those that do:

Simon lights a fire in their hearts and under their seats to take personal ownership over their future.

To do whatever it takes to become the person they know they can be.

And to find a way forward, no matter what.

Keynote Programs and Outcomes


The Greatest You

After a heart transplant at the beginning of a promising soccer career, Simon Keith vowed to make an unprecedented comeback. Proving all his critics wrong, he went on to carve out an astounding career—first as a professional athlete, then as a talented consultant driving multiple multimillion-dollar business turnarounds.

In this talk, Simon uses his incredible story to inspire the type of uncompromising commitment, unrelenting focus, and incredible discipline that it takes to become the greatest version of ourselves, so we can create great teams and great organizations.

This keynote is ideal for audiences who are:

  • Eager to adopt the mindset required to achieve peak performance
  • Balancing personal ambitions with professional commitments
  • Determined to transform setbacks into opportunities for growth
  • Ready to cultivate unwavering self-belief

Audiences will learn:

  • Why greatness is a choice you make, every single day
  • How to overcome fear and seize success with both hands
  • How to build the self-belief to take charge of your life and work
  • The key to becoming the “Is this really me?” version of yourself
“Simon really delivered.
He took us through his journey and weaved in our business, making his message relevant to our audience. The active Q&A session spoke volumes. He was definitely one of the week’s highlights!”
One Lambda

Build Great Leaders

Studies estimate that the percentage of new managers with no leadership training in the U.S. and Canada ranges between 42 and a staggering 85 percent.

In this energizing presentation, Simon shares the top leadership lessons he has learned from some of the world’s greatest leaders—in sport, business, and life. 

This keynote is ideal for audiences who are:

  • Eager to evaluate and improve their current leadership abilities
  • Passionate about driving success within their teams
  • Dedicated to exploring their full leadership potential

Audiences will learn:

  • The critical importance of developing strong leadership skills
  • Leadership lessons from some of the greatest leaders in the world
  • How to evaluate and massively improve your leadership abilities
“Simon’s message motivated and inspired us.
His delivery style was genuine, yet impactful. His message was clear, concise, and EXACTLY what people needed to hear. We would absolutely recommend him as a speaker. He delivers a full dose of energy and enthusiasm.”
VP of Strategic Initiatives
Anytime Fitness

Build Great Teams

If we want to achieve real results at work, every person on every team needs a personalized roadmap that pushes them to become the greatest version of themselves.

In this inspirational keynote talk, Simon shares the #1 reason teams don’t crush their goals, what exceptional teams have in common, and how to drive your team to unprecedented levels of success.

This keynote is ideal for audiences who are:

  • Ready to learn what sets exceptional teams apart from the rest
  • Eager to drive their team to reach unprecedented levels of success
  • Determined to help their team achieve outstanding results
  • Passionate about being part of a team that consistently exceeds its goals

Audiences will learn:

  • What it actually takes to build great teams
  • The role trust plays in achieving more, together
  • The two unexpected qualities that always lead to better results
  • The key to creating high-performance work cultures
“Simon received countless compliments.
EVERYONE I talked to about the event was so moved by Simon’s story and how he connected it so powerfully to what we do. He really blew the room away.”
Event Consultant
Minneapolis Heart Institute Foundation

Moments of Truth

In our lives, we tend to define ourselves by moments that shape who we are and how we see ourselves—whether that’s the birth of a child, getting married, or receiving a big promotion. But how do you prepare for life’s unexpected moments? And why do some people seem more equipped to handle them than others?

In this inspiring keynote, Simon shares how he found himself flat on his back about to have his heart replaced at 21-years old, and how that taught him to face the unexpected with courage, determination, and unshakable self-belief.

This keynote is ideal for audiences who are:

  • Curious about how unexpected life events can lead to profound personal growth
  • Eager to build unshakable self-belief and confidence in their abilities
  • Ready to learn how to face unexpected moments with courage and determination
  • Determined to transform personal challenges into opportunities for growth

Audiences will learn: 

  • How life’s unexpected moments shape who we are
  • What ability is essential for navigating challenging times
  • Why some people excel when navigating unexpected moments
  • How personal challenges can lead to massive personal growth
“I have spent my professional career playing against some of the greatest athletes in the world. I have never met an athlete who overcame Simon’s circumstances. To say the odds of playing soccer again were overwhelming doesn’t even begin to explain what he did.”
Steve Nash

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