Moments of Truth

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In our lives, all of our lives, we tend to define ourselves by MOMENTS. These moments shape who we are and how we view ourselves. The birth of a child, getting married, a big promotion are all moments that many of us celebrate. But what if the moments in your life are not always expected. How do you prepare for moments when you don’t know when or how they will come? Why do some people seem to ‘execute’ their moments better than others? What if your moment seems bigger than what you can handle? Simon talks about the Moments in his life and how “being flat on your back at age 21, and about to have your heart taken out of your chest” certainly qualifies as a Moment. How Simon moved forward from that potentially crippling event and was able to live an incredible heart stopping life.

“Simon Keith is, literally, a walking miracle.”


I have spent my professional career playing against some of the greatest athletes in the world. Each train hard, have a burning desire for their sport and have inevitably overcome some kind of adversity. I have never met an athlete who overcame Simon’s circumstances. To say the odds of playing soccer again were overwhelming doesn’t even begin to explain what he did.
Steve Nash OC, OBC Two Time NBA MVP
Simon Keith was truly inspiring for me and in my opinion the best speaker we have ever had.
Chad – Anytime Fitness Owner. Anytime Fitness named #1 Franchise in the world
Simon, thank you for the great work you did on CACD's behalf…your opening session held the audience captive. You could hear a pin drop. You made us all more proud to be Canadian.
Cathy – Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors
Life and art rarely meet but this is perfection... impressive.
Jeff Mallett - Vancouver Whitecaps owner
“Your keynote presentation was remarkable – just a wonderful tone and pace full of meaning for everyone”
Jan Rooks – British Columbia Children’s Hospital

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